An Easy Way To Diagnose Car Problems Without a Mechanic And Save Money

March 17, 2020 by David Rose

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Good news for anyone who owns any of the following vehicles:

  1. Any gas vehicle (including hybrids) 1996 and newer
  2. Any diesel vehicle 2008 and newer

It can be any make or model, foreign-made or U.S.-made, as long as it was purchased in the United States.

It turns out those vehicles have a valuable feature that few people know about.

This feature is the key to...

The 'secret' feature is ... the "OBD" (on-board-diagnostics) computer port in your car.

Unless you are a mechanic or know a lot about cars, you've probably never even heard of it.

The OBD port is typically out of sight in the lower dashboard area.

It's valuable because it reveals critical information about the health of our vehicles.

Auto shops and dealers typically charge anywhere from $70-$150 to run "diagnostics scans" via the OBD port, using expensive tools.

However, thanks to a new company started by three Georgia-Tech engineers...

You now have the same access to your car's computer — using your smartphone!

It's done through a little device called FIXD and it's a "GAME-CHANGER".

FIXD is fascinating.

Simply plug FIXD into the OBD port and it instantly sends real time updates about your car's health, in plain English...directly to your smartphone...without taking your car in to the auto shop.

FIXD promises to help us save money, reduce the stress of repairs, and streamline how we maintain our cars.

One of the most important features of FIXD is diagnosing the cause of the dreaded check engine light.

We spoke to expert mechanic John Pope from NY and he explained that over the last 20 years he has seen dozens of drivers ruin their cars by ignoring the check engine light.

But with FIXD...if the 'check engine' light comes on (among other issues) the smartphone app tells you exactly what the problem is and how serious it is — translated into simple, easy-to-understand terms!

This is great because there are over 7,000 possible reasons the check engine light can come on — ranging from minor to potentially catastrophic.

Finally, with FIXD we don't have to worry or wonder what's wrong!

If it's a minor issue, you can breathe a sign of relief and keep driving and take the car in on YOUR terms, when it's convenient. Not when it's convenient for a mechanic.

If it's urgent, we can take action immediately to avoid damage and more costly repairs.

One woman I read about was saved from breaking down and being stranded...because she got a timely alert on her phone from FIXD!

Here Are 5 Excellent Reasons You Should Get FIXD For Your Vehicle Now

In addition to check engine light diagnosis, here are more reasons FIXD is a "must-have" for every vehicle.

Reason #1: Self-Reliance and Control

Why rely on a mechanic or repair shop? Avoid the unecessary trip.

Plus, there may be times when you CAN'T get to a repair shop right away... like if you're stranded at home, or on the road.

Being more self-reliant is more important than ever in today's turbulent times.

Reason #2: FIXD can save us money on "unnecessary" services (a.k.a., rip-offs and scams).

Here's a common one, known as the "wallet flush".

We go in for a simple oil change and they try to pressure us into buying $100s of dollars of other services like trans flushes...coolant flushes...radiator flushes.. and more.

TIP: 99% of the time those are NOT necessary! And may even be damaging.

Instead, follow the car's manual and the "Maintenance Reminders and Timeline" shown in FIXD.

Also — simply knowing the cause of the 'check-engine' light could save us $1000's in the case of truly dishonest shops or dealers.

There are good, honest mechanics out there... and then there are the unethical and bad mechanics or shop owners who have no qualms ripping off customers.

It's the few "bad apples" that ruin it for everyone. You can find discussions all over online about this (search Reddit, for one).

A study at Northwestern University proved that auto shops tend to quote higher prices and may even lie or trick you into spending more money if you seem poorly-informed about your car. And it happens to BOTH women and men, but more often to women.

However, the study also showed that if auto shops can see you are even slightly informed about your car and its problems (like from FIXD)... you get better prices.

So, it's wise to be on the alert.

As a wise man once said: "Trust but verify".

Reason #3: Better and easier vehicle management, which saves money on costly repairs.

Many of us forget what maintenance or repairs were done, and when.

That's a problem because when we go into the dealer or a repair shop and they ask if we'd like to have "this" service or "that" service done... we have no clue.

("Hmm... now what exactly did I have done last time? And when was that?").

Problem solved: with FIXD you can quickly and easily record when services were done and the details of those services. Nice and organized and ready when you need it.

It also keeps a history of scans you do.

Even more good stuff: FIXD shows you when your car is due for a service, oil change, tire rotation, new battery, or new windshield wipers.

Now you'll never miss another oil change or critical service again.

And for anyone who owns multiple cars, the FIXD app has a Multi-Vehicle Control feature.

Reason #4: DIYers Can Save Big Money

If you are even slightly "Do-It-Yourself" inclined, you'll love FIXD.

The fact is, some check engine "repairs" are actually RIDICULOUSLY EASY to solve yourself using the information FIXD provides.

(That's something dealers and auto shops do NOT want us to know).

Like... a loose gas cap.

Yes, it can trigger a 'check engine' light...crazy, right?

(A 'shady' repair shop could easily claim it was something more expensive.)

A loose fuse is another.

FIXD can even clear the check engine light. Just tap a button.

Here are a few FIXD stories...

On the other hand, for the (likely) majority of us who would rather NOT touch any kind of repair, you can still used FIXD to save lots of money, because:

Reason #5: Fun

Usefulness aside, FIXD also gives us a bit of fun...

FIXD Live Data and Live Gauges shows you what's going on "under the hood" — all the fascinating numbers professional mechanics see. Car enthusiasts will love this.

Show FIXD on your phone to your buddies next time they ride in your car and they'll want their own as soon as they see it :)

Or, you may also have an opportunity to use FIXD as a Good Samaritan. If friends or family have a problem you could feel great and be a hero by plugging in FIXD to their car to diagnose issues.

Bottom line: FIXD is an 'essential item' for any car owner.

I think it's absolutely CRAZY that vehicles don't already come with something like this!

We own our cars. Shouldn't we have full control of them?

We shouldn't be left in the dark when a 'check engine' light comes on. We shouldn't have to visit a mechanic to see what's going on. We deserve to save money with more repair options. We deserve to enjoy more control and more peace of mind.

All that... without paying auto-repair shops $70-$150 for a full diagnostics scan. Or needing expensive fancy tools just to check in on our car.

It's safe to say FIXD is not an expense at all — it's a smart investment. And ridiculously affordable, too.

UPDATE: There's a sale going on right now (Buy 1 Get One 50% Off) but it may not last long so don't wait.

Click Here Now To Learn More About FIXD

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