How To Look And Smell Fresh After A Workout Without Showering

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You want to go to the gym to squeeze in some sweat time. Problem is, showering is not an option as you are already in a time crunch. Or, maybe you have a short time to exercise during lunch at work, but no time to shower.

Don't fret — here are nine tips to get you looking and feeling fresh after a rigorous sweat session when you don't have time to shower. Guys have it easier, so some of these tips are just for women.

Now there really is no excuse to miss a workout!

1. Have toiletries in your locker

If you have a gym locker, always make sure you stock up on the toiletry essentials like face wash, mouthwash, wipes, and deodorant. This way, you won't have to bring your toiletries with you every time you go to the gym.

2. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser

Always wash your face after a workout to ensure that sweat and bacteria that can cause blemishes and acne are removed. If you do not have any cleanser, use baby wipes. Most baby wipes have mild ingredients and come with moisturizers like aloe vera or jojoba to prevent your skin from getting dry.

3. Towel dry

Get out of your sweaty clothes and towel dry your body to remove excess sweat. Obviously, pay special attention to the armpits and groin. Use wipes for added antibacterial and moisturizing effect.

4. Apply deodorant

You don't want to just look fresh, you want to smell fresh after a workout too. Never skip on the deodorant. If you forgot to bring some, use powder instead.

5. Spray on your favorite cologne

Don't forget to spritz on some body mist. Choose something that is light and antibacterial so you don't take the smell of the gym with you when you go.

6. Brush your teeth

A heavy workout can cause mild dehydration, which can lead to bad breath. If you don't have your toothbrush, swig some mouthwash or gargle with water.

7. Blow dry hair

Towel dry your hair before blow drying. This greatly reduces the time it takes to get your hair dry. You can also just brush it and keep it in a neat ponytail or bun if you are in a time crunch.

8. Keep your makeup at a minimum

If you still have other places to go after the gym, keep your makeup at a minimum. No need to go for a full face makeup. Besides, post workout will give you a natural glow. Just a light coat of concealer and maybe a fresh coat of mascara, eyebrow and lip tint will suffice.

9. Change into clean clothes

Walking around in sweaty clothes is a major no-no. Not only will you feel uncomfortable but wearing sweaty clothes after a gym workout can cause skin irritation, pH imbalances, and even vaginal irritation. So always carry and change into a fresh set of clothes.

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