Never Lose Your Most Valuable Possessions — Car, Pets, Phone, Luggage, Wallet, or Keys — Ever Again

April 07, 2020 by Mike Anderson

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We all know how stressful it is to lose something important... especially if we need it right NOW... or if it's irreplaceable...

Recent research shows that Americans spend around 2.5 days every year looking for their lost stuff.

That's around 60 hours wasted by looking under beds, feeling down the side of the sofa, or tipping your laundry hamper upside down.

It enough to drive us crazy and skyrocket our stress hormones...

Does this scene seem familiar?...

You need to make a phone call or send a text.. but you soon realize you have NO IDEA where your phone is. It's not in your pocket, it's not sitting nearby.

Or you're in a rush to leave the house on an errand. You reach down to pat your jeans pocket and... no phone.

So the search begins...

You dash from room to room... Maybe you passed by it (for the 3rd time) on the kitchen chair? Maybe you left it in the bathroom while combing your hair?

As the minutes tick by, there's that awful, panicked feeling because maybe... just maybe... it's lying on the ground in the grocery store parking lot from earlier today...

Or it's hidden in the house (could be anywhere) but on silent with 5% battery life left.

Of course it's not just our phones we lose track of.

We lose our keys... our wallets... important tools... our pets run off... our bikes get stolen... we forget where we parked the car in the parking lot (more times than I care to admit... and it's embarrassing)...

...the list goes on.

And if the item is truly gone, it gets expensive to replace.

Americans fork over huge amounts of money every single year to replace things they've simply "lost around the house." Like car keys ($200+ for those car key remotes).

Or wallets which means we have the mind-numbing headache of calling bank, the DMV, and changing all those automatic debits...

But now there's a way to skip all that stress...

Luckily... We've Found a Solution

It's called XY Find It, a revolutionary, tiny, very affordable tracking device with bluetooth and geolocation features... help you find your lost things super fast — no matter where you left them! Anywhere in the world.

With so much technology packed into it, it's crazy that XY Find It is only the size of a half-dollar coin (and it weighs even less than one).

To find your phone without another phone (or a computer), all you do is press the "XY" button on the tiny finder...

...and your phone will start ringing. Even in silent mode!

It's that simple.

It works exactly the opposite way too...

If it's your keys you've misplaced (and you have the XY finder on your keychain), simply trigger your finder's alarm using the XY Find It app on your phone.

The app then shows exactly where the lost item is on a map. (The app is available on all iOS and Android phones).

Meaning that it doesn't matter whether you lost your phone OR your keys or anything else...

...with XY Find It, you can find them, fast.

PLUS... it has what's called Keep Near™ Technology to help you avoid losing things in the first place.

Personally, I LOVE this particular feature...

Simply set any one of your XY Find It devices to alert you when you get too far away from it.

Now we'll never again absent mindedly walk away from our critical items (or have them walk away from us) or not notice we've dropped it.

Another safeguard is the The Last Known Location feature.

Let's say that somehow, you lost track of something and have no idea where it is.

The Last Known Location shows on the map where your items were last seen. Obviously, this is critical information because when something's lost it could be ANYWHERE. Knowing where it was last seen eliminates dead ends and wasted time. Love it!

How Does It Work?
XY Find It is super easy to use and takes just under a minute to start protecting your most valuable belongings:

1) Tag your valuables. Attach the lightweight, coin sized XY Find It to any item you want to keep track of.

2) Download the FREE XY Find It app and add the tagged items to be tracked.

3) Use KeepNear™... or Last Known Location.. or pinpoint its exact location on the map.. or have it sound an alarm.

Then... never again to worry about losing valuables.

That's a great feeling!

Let XY Find It's Private Network of 1,000,000+ Users Help You Find Your Stuff

Here's one of the most ingenious things about XY Find It that makes it a MUCH better deal than a GPS tracker.

GPS trackers are VERY EXPENSIVE and require additional monthly service fees. You simply cannot get around that cost... unless you take advantage of "crowd GPS tracking".

Here's how it works...

Let's say your item is farther away than 300 feet (stolen bike, car, lost luggage, runaway pet, etc)...

If another XY Find It user crosses paths with it, their app will pick up the signal and then YOUR phone will notify you of its location on a map so you can instantly track it down.

This means your stuff can be found anywhere in the world. Just push a button to enable it.

Here's What You Get With The XY Find It Finder

  • The FREE XY Find It app and a private account (no subscription or maintenance fees).
  • A compact, lightweight, stylish bluetooth and geolocate-compatible finder (it doesn't "look" like a finding device)
  • A choice of 5 colors (be as bright or low-key as you like)
  • An alarm that's 4x louder than competing finders (locate things even when they're in the pocket of yesterday's gym shorts at the bottom of your laundry hamper)
  • Finding range up to 300 feet — that's 1.5x further than other finders! (no running crazy around the house to get the alarm to trigger)
  • Keep Near™ notifications (to remind you when you've left something important behind, like in a restaurant bathroom or anywhere else)
  • The Last Known Location feature (which maps out for you where your items were last seen)
  • Unique Crowd GPS tracking (so anyone can help you find your stuff, even further than 300 feet away)
  • The original XY Find It button, which turns on and rings your smartphone (YES, even in silent mode)
  • Ability to link an unlimited number of devices to one account (track ALL your stuff from the one place, easy)
  • Replaceable battery last 5 YEARS (much longer than competing trackers).

And to top it all off, the XY Find It finder is super hard-wearing and water-resistant. In fact, one guy's wife accidentally ran his through the washer and dryer and it still works.

All things considered... we believe it is by far the most superior bluetooth item finder on the market.

And we must not be the only ones who think so, because to date, over 1 million of them have been sold to happy customers all over the world.

In fact, these tiny finding devices are so popular, they've been featured on WIRED, the Huffington Post, The Today Show, and even Fox News.

Get The Best Deal On XY Find It

Here at Bright Reports our goal is to always to find you the best deals on the most reliable, hottest gadgets.

The good news is that XY Find It is very affordable. (Especially when you consider that it can cost upward of $100s or $1000s of dollars and lots of time to replace valuable items.)

Right now you can get big quantity discounts when you order a multi-pack (as low as $19.99 each for 10 or $23.99 each for 5), which is GREAT because we all have more than one item we'd like to keep track of... or family members with stuff to keep track of. They also make great gifts.

In fact there's a "Buy More Save More" sale going on right now which includes a Buy 2 Get 1 50% Off offer.

Remember, there are no subscriptions or monthly fees — unlike other similar products that charge your credit card every month. Pay for XY Find It once and it's yours for life. That alone makes XY Find It a "screaming good" buy.

And each XY Find It comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and a 2-Year Warranty.

Warning: Worthless knock-offs exist. What good is a device that fails? Get the real, battle-tested XY Find It right here and we'll direct you to the XY Find It deal page.

Final Word

Think for a second of all the things you'd hate to lose.

Your smartphone, keys, wallet, car, bike, luggage, backpack, dog...

Think of the wasted time, the worry, or the embarrassment of searching for them...again...and again...and again... and usually we need them NOW. And some things cannot be replaced.

Until they make human brains perfect, in our opinion, XY Find It is one of those things we'd all be foolish NOT to get!

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